DKSemicon Camera team has lasted since 2002.
We have served hendreds of customers and supported thousands of Projects.
We know how to support and guide for customers to achieve their goal and expericed a lot of success.
We provide not only CIS but also total solution to help partners saving their valuable time.
We always consider how to contribute customers' huge progress and evolve the very customers oriented partner.
It's good to way to march toghether with DK Camera team to be a leader in this field.


DKSemicon was founded in late 1986 as a DBHITEK distributor.
DKSemicon team is leveraged over 100 man-years experience and expertise in semiconductor foundry business.
DKSemicon made a commitment to providing its customers with design-driven foundry service based on the DBHITEK technologies and wafer fabrication lines.
DKSemicon works closely with its customers to make seamless interaction.
DKSemicon team’s good communication skill have always been its ability to provide customers with customized foundry solutions that match the specific demands from customers.
With DKSemicon’s differentiated foundry service and technologies,
DKSemicon's customers can consistently reduce lead time of time-to-design and time-to-market for product development and achieve cost of ownership efficiently for mass production.